About Us


Our vision: the advancement of education amongst vulnerable young people worldwide, and the relief of poverty.

Our mission statement: to provide dignified training and employment opportunities for vulnerable young people, empowering them with the personal and professional skills to overcome socio-economic limitations and inspire community regeneration.


Cutting pattern piecesFashion with Heart Creations was founded on the belief that education and training are essential and invaluable tools for empowering underprivileged individuals and communities.

We are committed to exploring the following approaches, tailoring our response as appropriate to every situation:

  • Offering educational lessons, seminars, workshops and residential courses;
  • Providing vocational training;
  • Setting up, administering or supporting training and educational facilities such as day nurseries, playschools and other educational establishments;
  • Measuring out a patternProviding advice, resources and services to those affected by adverse social and economic circumstances;
  • Establishing and maintaining development projects in small scale economic development programmes;
  • Providing programmes to help the reintegration of marginalised and excluded peoples back into society;
  • Facilitating, encouraging and empowering men and women into work through the provision of various support initiatives.

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