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Tailoring training

Fashion with Heart Creations is a small but dynamic charity that works with Asia’s poorest and most marginalised communities to transform the lives of vulnerable individuals.

FWH Creations is supporting and developing a sustainable tailoring project in India, Jacobs Well, which is designed to deliver vocational training and employment to disadvantaged young people.  A member of the WFTO (World Fair Trade Organisation) and the Ethical Fashion Forum, Jacobs Well produces fashion and accessory products for clients around the world.

The Jacobs Well journey began in Mumbai in 1994 when the NGO Oasis India initiated a tailoring project for women living in slum communities and suffering the wide-ranging effects of poverty, from a lack of formal education to early forced marriages, exploitative labour and domestic abuse.


The Jacobs Well unit

From humble beginnings in the form of a tailoring unit engaging in embroidery, pattern making, cutting and machining, the Jacobs Well project quickly grew, creating an in-house brand of products and setting up a further training and production unit in Bangalore.  An intensive three-year training programme was established to improve quality and production skills that met the needs of high-end brands within the global market, including Levi Strauss with whom the organisation partnered for several years.  Trainees began on simple projects including home accessories and bags until they develop the skills to work on more demanding products such as couture weddings dresses and high fashion wear.

FWH Creations is providing training and management expertise to Jacobs Well, equipping employees and extended community members with the skills to enhance both their professional and personal lives.  We want to maintain a sustainable business unit that assists individuals to move from a life of uncertainty, exclusion and poverty to a life where they are healthy, emotionally well, safe, educated, trained and economically independent.

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