What do we want to do next?

Education and safe housing

Education & safe housing

Our immediate goals for Jacobs Well are to enable the team members to complete their 10th Standard studies over the next year, and to raise enough funds for a senior tailor to complete four further levels of business English classes, giving her vital skills to take on a more managerial role.  We also urgently want to rent a small residential house in the local community where team members in need of safe alternative accommodation can stay for a nominal charge, assured of security, healthy meals and the guidance of a house mother.

Expand the unit

Looking ahead, we have big plans for expanding the unit thus giving us the space to offer more women the chance to become economically independent and take control over their futures.  As the fair trade and sustainable fashion campaigns grow, we want the Jacobs Well unit to be equipped ready to meet increasing production demands, continuing to raise the profile of Jacobs Well as a major player in fair trade production within India and worldwide.

Go international!

In the long term, FWH Creations plans to use the Jacobs Well model to assist other vocational training centres in India and Nepal to develop sustainable business initiatives.  Our dream is for those team members who have excelled at Jacobs Well to be given the opportunity to travel as professional advisers and help to set up new training locations in their specialised capacity, be it sampling, embroidery, management or pattern cutting.

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