Where do we work?

Bangalore, the Garden City of India

The Jacobs Well unit is situated in Bangalore in the south of India, at the heart of several low-income communities.  The majority of our team members live locally and stay with extended families in small houses: up until recently, as many as 12 people shared the single-bedroom home of one tailor.  Sanitation can be a major issue with poor drainage systems and inadequate refuse collection.  Water is collected from central pumps before having to be boiled at home and water-borne diseases, as well as those spread by mosquitoes, are a constant concern.

While parents are increasingly keen for their children to complete at least minimal schooling, there is rarely either the guidance or money available for young people to continue on to higher studies.  More commonly, school-leavers take simple jobs within the community, working as carpenters, housemaids or office boys.

The lack of opportunity in these areas is by no means matched by a lack of ambition: fierce intelligence, entrepreneurial spirit and creative passion is just as present here as anywhere else in the world.  FWH Creations is committed to giving young people the support needed to live with dignity and pursue their dreams.

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