Who do we work with?

Stitching at Jacobs Well

FWH Creations places the highest value in developing and maintaining strong relationships within the local community, both with individuals and organisations. Our heart is to respond to a community’s real needs and we believe education and training are invaluable tools for empowering those who would otherwise struggle to become self-sufficient.

Local NGOs & community groups

At the core of FWH Creations is the desire to support children and women from disadvantaged backgrounds and we work with local partner organisations including The Freedom Project to offer opportunities to women rescued and rehabilitated from lives of bonded labour and prostitution. We have a long-lasting relationship with Oasis India with whom the tailoring programme was developed. After graduation trainees from Oasis India attend a business workshop with us. We also work alongside several local churches through whom more women are referred to us for training. Exploratory work has been done in Nepal with a view to supporting and developing existing tailoring projects for vulnerable children and young people exposed to trafficking and domestic abuse. We have established working relationships with a UK charity, Chorachori. The charity rescues children from prison, the circus or young people trafficked for maids and other unscrupulous duties in Nepal. After being rescued these children are obviously traumatised and need love and care, which the charity provides. But in the long term these children also need hope and alternative avenues to earn money. So, based on our experience in Bangalore, Brenda is developing several training modules to provide employment skills for these rescued children and young people.

We’re keen to build on these relationships especially as awareness of the ethical fashion movement grows.  Want to get involved?  Contact us today!

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