Tailoring Tales

FWH Creations is committed to helping each person identify their talents and fulfil their ambitions. Everyone has different levels of education, training and work experience, as well as unique passions and strengths. We know they can go far!


Joining the team in 2001, Radha had completed a vocational training programme and started at the Jacobs Well unit as a trainee on the sewing machines. She was stitching for many years until the departure of our cutting master in 2010 at which point she was trained to take over his work. The cutting table is now fully Radha’s domain and she excels at measuring and cutting fabric for the team to stitch, as well as designing and grading patterns.

Radha is very well respected in the unit and takes over many leadership roles if required. She also has a great deal of responsibility at home, looking after her elderly parents as well as the daughters of her brother who is a single parent.  She has recently married and with more responsibility and income has been able to move out of the family slum dwelling into a little house near work with access to clean water.

With a keen eye for replicating and adapting products, Radha is responsible for the production of a very high standard of merchandise and ladies fashions. She works on the sample herself and takes charge of training the rest of the team in the right construction technique. Several members of staff have commented on how well she conducts training and how much they enjoy learning from her. Radha is extremely valuable to Jacobs Well. She wants to develop even further in her role and her leadership abilities.

Sustainable and fair wages have enabled Radha to make positive informed choices about her own life.


Sheela is a hardworking and dedicated, working for Jacobswell for three years now. Her role was mainly to help Radha,the pattern cutter. She showed great enthusiasm and commitment to learning more skills on the sewing machine. Sheela worked extremely hard in her training now she is part of sewing team.

Sheela is a single parent mother whose income supports her whole family. Sheela worked to pay for her grandchildren’s’ education to enable job opportunities. Sheela’s son and her son in law are still without work because of Coronavirus. There are no benefits or savings for them. Her daughter is suffering with a collapsed lung and Sheela suffers with her own health conditions herself, after an operation in November 2019. FWH Creations was able to donate funds for her medical bills and for her grandchildren’s school fees.

She is truly thankful that she has secure employment and a caring team working alongside her. All the products you buy help women like Sheela to live a hopeful and dignified life.


Lydia joined the first ever class of trainees in 1998 after leaving school early due to struggling with the English medium of her classes.

Developing an interest in fashion , Lydia became a sample tailor. On completion of her training where her enthusiasm and aptitude allowed her to quickly rise into a managerial role, ultimately becoming one of the company’s directors in 2012.

Alongside her achievements in production and in the office she had her great desire to pursue her educational goals. Having completed her secondary education in 2019 with the support from FWH Creations, Lydia then undertook her diploma in fashion designing and merchandising at ALT training college. In 2012 Lydia was awarded top prize for her business plan when completing a Business Entrepreneurship Diploma. Lydia is now successfully running her own company.

Lydia has moved into a 2 bedroom house with clean running water and electricity and the family has transport of their own.

‘My family has been transformed: my two girls are top of their classes and I am determined that being girls will not stop them having every opportunity available to them. I am proud that my family and friends have been inspired by my success. ‘

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